See my Forbes Tech Capitalist post hereWhy Verizon Wins Appeal of FCC’s Net Regs.”

  • It analyzes why the FCC’s net neutrality regulations will offend the Court of Appeals and why they are highly likely to be overturned.
  • This is one of the most poorly defended FCC decisions I have reviewed in my twenty years following the FCC.



See my Forbes Tech Capitalist post on net neutrality here, entitled: “Why FCC Net Neutrality Regs Are so Vulnerable”.

See my Forbes post: “Netflix Crushes Its Own Momentumhere.

…Netflix has crushed its own growth stock momentum — and it won’t be coming back – that pixie dust is gone forever. Netflix will never be the same….


See my Forbes postGoogle 21st Century Robber Baron” which briefly tells the story of Google’s Robber Baron rap sheet, in advance of Google’s Wednesday Senate antitrust hearing.

The post is documented with 79 links to the supporting evidence.

The post also explains why Google’s Board of Directors have been AWOL while all this scofflaw behavior has been going on.



Please see my Forbes Tech Capitalist blogOpposing “The Verge” of Socialismhere, which rebuts Joshua Topolsky’s Washington Post column: “Want better wireless service in America? Socialize it.”