Statement on FCC Open Internet Order

December 21, 2010


December, 21 2010


Contact: Scott Cleland



FCC Unilaterally Trying to Change the Internet from Competition-Driven to Regulation-Driven


WASHINGTON – Scott Cleland, Chairman of, released the following statement regarding the FCC’s December 21st Open Internet order.

  • “The FCC’s new unilateral ‘de-competition’ policy threatens to break what works on the Internet. This unauthorized and unwarranted policy U-turn predictably will create exceptional, unnecessary uncertainty.”


  • “The FCC is unilaterally trying to change the Internet from being competition-driven to being regulation-driven, without proving market failure or a problem exists, with no fact-based justification for unprecedented Internet intervention, or with no clear statutory authority or support from Congress.”


  • “At its most basic level the Internet is a voluntary consensus standard for communicating and transmitting information. The real danger here is that by imposing unnecessary and coercive rules on a voluntary consensus-based system, the FCC itself blocks, degrades and impairs the Internet’s proven method to evolve, improve and keep pace with exploding demands. At core, the Internet’s voluntary consensus approach is why it works and works so well. The real folly and regulatory hubris here is trying to force change on the voluntary Internet without the permission or consent of Internet consensus, Congress or the Courts.”

  • “The crux of the FCC’s legal problem with this order will be the extent to which the FCC endeavors to make up an entirely new definition for a part of the Internet that is in direct contradiction to the law, precedent and Congressional policy. Only Congress has the constitutional authority to legislate and decide which industries are regulated.” is a pro-competition e-forum representing broadband interests. See



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