EU confirms evaporating support for net neutrality regulation

November 12, 2010

The EU, in declining to impose net neutrality regulations, adds to the growing mountain of evidence that whatever political support may have existed in the past for net neutrality regulation — has rapidly evaporated.

  • The EU’s lead Digital official, Neelie Kroes, said: “We have to avoid regulation which might deter investment and efficient use of the available resources.”

This important official International development comes on the heels of:

  • The mid-term election results showing net neutrality did not garner any measurable political support;
  • House Chairman Waxman’s endorsement of short-term enforcement-only authority in proposed legislation;
  • ~300 members of this Congress writing the FCC in opposition to Title II telephone regulation of the Internet; and
  • No evidence of any actionable net neutrality problems to address in the sector.

Simply, all of the official developments and evidence that matter since the FCC proposed to regulate the Internet as a telephone network last spring, have been in opposition to it.

Given that the FCC is a creature of Congress, subject to the Constitution, the law, the Congress, the Courts, and the facts… the FCC should lift the cloud of uncertainty hanging over the broadband sector and officially withdraw its ill-advised proposal to impose Title II telephone regulation of the Internet.



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