All 95 PCCC Net Neutrality Supporters Lost in the Election

November 3, 2010

Every single one of the 95 FreePress/PCCC House and Senate candidates that took the pledge: “I believe in protecting net neutrality — the First Amendment of the Internet,” lost in the mid-term elections Tuesday.

  • So the best available national proxy vote gauging political support for FreePress/PCCC’s vision of net neutrality lost unanimously 95-0.

As I blogged Friday in: “Tuesday’s Net Neutrality’s National Referendumpost FreePress/PCCC unwisely made net neutrality a measurable election issue by seeking public pledges from 95 House and Senate candidates before the election.

This means FreePress can no longer legitimately claim their net neutrality movement has significant grass roots political support.

This also means the FCC can see clearly that political support for net neutrality does not extend much beyond the email lists of the extreme left: FreePress, PCCC, and

Simply, FreePress’s long and loud claim that net neutrality was an important political issue to the American people has been exposed as completely untrue.



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