FreePress to FCC: Ignore Everything but FreePress

October 12, 2010

FreePress continues to urge the FCC to ignore everything, but Title II chauvinism.

  • If Genachowski reestablishes (the FCC’s) authority and moves on net neutrality, he will be viewed as a heroic FCC Chairman. If he doesn’t, he will be viewed as one of the agency’s greatest failures.
  • In other words, the FCC is either totally with FreePress or totally against FreePress.
  • There’s no negotiation, collaboration, bipartisanship, comity, reason, or compromise in FreePress’ radical playbook, only total victory or slash and burn devastation.

The list of what FreePress expects the FCC to ignore is growing to tragicomic proportions.

FreePress urges the FCC to:

  • Ignore the U.S. Constitution, which empowers the Congress to write the laws and set policy not the FCC, and which protects people (and corporations) from Government infringement of free speech and from takings without just compensation;
  • Ignore the law and the 2010 broadband ruling by the D.C. Court of Appeals;
  • Ignore the destructive and deflationary impact on investment, the economy and jobs of an FCC Title II dictate;
  • Ignore the written input from 299 members of Congress; and
  • Ignore democracy and the people’s voice in the mid-term electoral process.

Given that FreePress is urging the FCC to ignore the Constitution, the law, the courts, Congress, the economy, investment, jobs, and even the upcoming election… on what authority, basis or justification does FreePress expect the FCC to act on Title II?



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