NARUC proves more reasonable than FCC — see great post by Matt Turk of Digital Society

February 19, 2010

Kudos to Matt Turk of Digital Society for his very insightful post spotlighting how NARUC understands the need for reasonable discrimination in the real world that the FCC apparently does not understand in its proposed Open Internet regulations.

Matt Turk: “By urging a move from non-discrimination to unreasonable discrimination, they recognize that “big dumb pipes” are a model for the Internet that was abandoned years ago. They also realize you cannot have a neutral internet if only one side of the content/access equation has to abide by those rules.”

It is very important that NARUC only opposes “unreasonable discrimination.”

  • NARUC is closer to the real world than the FCC in understanding that there is such a thing as “reasonable” discrimination, and that despite the politically perjorative meaning of “discrimination” constantly spotlighted by net neutrality proponents, reasonable discrimination can also have many very legitimate, beneficial and worthy results that must be acknowledged, respected and even promoted.



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