More FreePress Radical Overreach on Net Neutrality

February 8, 2010

FreePress continues to make its own case in its own words that it is a radical political group with a radical political agenda, not a mainstream consumer or public interest group like they publicly claim to be.

FreePress’ co-founder Mr. Robert McChesney, in a February 4, 2010, radio interview reminds everyone how radical a political group FreePress is.

Robert McChesney: “If we’re going to have journalism in this country, it’s going to require that there be public subsidies to create an independent, uncensored, nonprofit, non-commercial news media sector.”

  • Government is the source of an independent media?
  • Free enterprise has no role in a free press?

Robert McChesney: “Right now, the phone and cable companies are putting a full court press on in Washington to try and get net neutrality eliminated as a policy meaning they would be able to privatize the Internet.

  • Fact: The broadband industry has fully supported the FCC’s net neutrality broadband principles and operated under them without significant problems for five years.
  • Fact: In the early 1990’s the Clinton-Gore Adminstration privatized the Internet; in 1996 Congress set a “competitive free market” Internet policy; in 1997, President Clinton set a market-driven U.S ecommerce policy; and in 1999, FCC Chairman Kennard opposed open access regulation of broadband.

Robert McChesney: When asked about net neutrality he said: “And Free Press is leading the fight. They’re fighting at the FCC. They’re fighting in the court system. They’re basically fighting behind closed doors. They’re not doing it in Congress yet, but we have to be an authority.”

  • McChesney admits FreePress is “leading the fight” for net neutrality.
  • Ironically, for an entity that urges transparency and democracy, McChesney also admits they are “fighting behind closed doors” for net neutrality.
  • Finally, it is telling that this purported “public interest” group is “not doing it in Congress yet.” Why not? Isn’t Congress the elected and most representive branch of Government — key to discerning the “public interest?”

In sum, FreePress’ is the epitome of political overreach.

  • FreePress admits to leading the fight for FCC net neutrality regulation “behind closed doors” and not in Congress the most representative and responsive branch of Government.

FreePress is advancing radical interests, not the public interest of our Constitutional representive democracy.


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