Clueless Goobris

December 2, 2009

Google is a munificent Internet ruler to allow a “handful” of “clueful” people to work outside of Google.

IDG reports in the articleGoogle resists in hiring some industry stars” that:

  • Google holds back from hiring some people it believes are doing good work because it’s better for the Internet industry not to concentrate too much talent in one place.
  • Bradley Horowitz, a Google VP, told the Supernova conference:
    • Recently I was having a discussion with an engineer at Google, and I pointed out a handful of people that I thought were clueful in the industry, and I proposed perhaps we should hire these people,” Horowitz said. “He said that these people were actually important to have outside of Google. … It’s better for the ecosystem to have an honest industry as opposed to aggregating all this talent at Google.

The clueless Goobris implications here are that:

  • All but a “handful” of the world’s “clueful” people already work at Google;
  • The Internet ecosystem needs some “clueful” people in order to keep Google honest; and
  • Most all of the Internet ecosystem’s talent works at Google.
For other Goobris examples see:


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