Googleopoly Snuffs Out

December 1, 2009

Add to the list of companies like TradeComet and Foundem that have been snuffed out by Google’s arbitrary exercise of its search advertising monopoly power to pick what Internet content lives or dies.

In an 11-28-09 letter to its readers,, the blog arm of “the longest-running entertainment-industry publication on the Web,” had “no alternative but to shut down” because Google arbitrarily removed them from their Internet search results and from running Adwords advertising.

Read’s letter and the similar complaints by TradeComet and Foundem, to appreciate Google’s monopoly power, arbitrary exercise of it, and its power to literally snuff out Internet content companies that do not comply with Google’s opaque edicts.

Isn’t what Google has done to, TradeComet and Foundem, exactly the type of non-neutral anti-competitive behavior that Google claims to oppose in its vocal support of net neutrality legislation/regulation for their competitors?

  • How can consumers be free to access the Internet content of their choice, if Google can effectively block that access by unilaterally making the content undiscoverable and/or economically unviable?

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