Google’s Bots: Judge, Jury & Executioner?

November 18, 2009

Per Advertising Age, Google has now deputized its crawler-bots to be judge, jury, and executioner when it finds a suspected ad scammer; “It’s now guilty until proven innocent, a fundamental shift for ‘Don’t be evil’ Google.” “Google now has a harsh new penalty for advertisers placing scam and malware ads: a lifetime ban.”

I have some questions about Google’s new found seriousness to standing up to bad actors on the Net.

If Google’s all-in-one crawler-bots are fully automated to detect, decide, and do in for life a suspected ad scammer, would that make the Googler that the accused can appeal to — Google’s new Supreme Court?

  • Does the accused have the right to face their crawler bot-accuser in Google’s court — i.e. transparently see what the evidence is against them?
  • Is there no further appeal to Google’s online advertising death sentence in the sovereign GoogleNation?

If the ad scamming fraud abuse is serious enough to warrant the equivalent of a Google online advertising death sentence, why doesn’t Google turn over those they have found guilty to authorities so they can prosecute them for criminal fraud? Or would that be an unfair form of double jeopardy?

  • In other words, is the new automated GoogleNation Department of Justice sufficient to police the Internet or is their still a role for sovereign law enforcement?

Lastly, and most troubling, is that Google “has technology to determine who is connected to what account, which will make it very hard for a banned user to create another account.”

  • Does this mean Google does indeed know exactly who we all are and can track us for our lifetime?
  • How else could they enforce a lifetime ban without global online tracking and permission-less profiling?

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