Top Ten Advertiser Questions for Google CEO Schmidt

November 5, 2009

1. Why has Google been so hostile to protecting brand trademarks that companies have had to resort to suing Google to get any satisfactory brand respect?

2. Why is Google’s Chrome browser so hostile to brand-marketing?

  • If a user types in a company brand name as a www. … .com URL into Chrome’s “Omnibox,” Google’s browser always takes the user to Google’s copy of the website first and not to the requested company’s branded website where the brand-company can benefit from the visit or click-thru information that their brand advertising has earned.
    • In other words, is Google leveraging its fast-growing, Chrome browser technology, used by 30 million people, to become a gatekeeper for harvesting branding online?

3. Why is Google’s AdWords “Quality Score” policy so hostile to online brand marketing?

  • Google’s Adwords quality-score policy rewards fast-loading sites and punishes slow-loading landing pages, which are inherently slower because they rely on display/rich-media brand-building advertising.
  • If brand destinations become weaker online, would advertisers then have to depend on Google more to be discovered on the Internet?

4. Why does Google publicly deny that it works for advertisers… which generate 97% of Google’s revenues? Is Google somehow not proud of advertising or their advertisers?

5. How can companies’ branded websites compete online with Google-owned content like Google-YouTube, Google Maps, Google Earth, which almost always get ranked highest in search results and win AdWords “auctions?”

6. Since Google’s search advertising monopoly faces so little competitive accountability, would Google be amenable to independent third-party oversight, audit, and dispute resolution of their auctions, practices, bans, and internal controls, in order to head off calls for more FTC regulation of online advertising?

7. Would Google support an online advertiser “Bill of Rights” that would ensure online advertisers enjoy comparable treatment online to what they currently enjoy in other more competitive advertising segments?

8. Does Google consider the search medium of “expressed user intent” a unique advertising market or just another form of advertising?

9. Is Google’s long-term goal to be the one-stop advertising agency for the Internet given that you have said: “Ultimately our goal at Google is to have the strongest advertising network and all the world’s information?” (ZDNet 8-23-06)

10. In a Web 2.0 world where aggregation wins, how can anyone compete with Google’s unique billion plus ad audience?

Bonus Questions:

Is Google becoming an “essential-facility” or utility for advertisers given that there is no viable competitive alternative for advertising based on “expressed user intent?”

If Google truly supports performance measurement, why won’t Google facilitate the easy exporting of Google campaign data into a comparison tool that would allow advertisers to compare Google’s campaign performance/value to its competitors?

As the leading advocate for “openness” and “transparency” for others, why are Google’s auctions not open or transparent where auction buyers are fully informed of all the relevant factors that influence the auction outcome, like the opaque “quality score?”



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