Taking one’s business elsewhere — what a concept! TechCrunch’s Arrington proves competition works

August 10, 2009

Sometimes the simplest solution can somehow elude people for a period of time.

  • After long pushing hard for net neutrality legislation and wireless net neutrality regulation, TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington, finally had an epiphany and figured out that he could become a fully satisfied consumer by simply choosing to take his business elsewhere — from the AT&T Apple iPhone to the T-Mobile Google Android mytouch 3G phone.

Competitive differentiated choice — what a concept — why didn’t anyone think of this before?

  • Consumers that value and want different things… can shop around and find what they want from different providers.
  • Amazing. People don’t have to lobby Congress, petition the FCC, or instigate an antitrust review — they can simply vote with their feet and take their business to a provider that sells what they want.
  • And even better with this competitive choice thingy going on, if a consumer decides they want something new or different in the future they can get it without having to wait for the government to figure out whether or not they should force all providers to provide it.

Mr. Arrington’s epiphany — that robust wireless and broadband competition not only exists, but actually works very well — is a powerful reminder that the first and best solution for consumers is not regulation, but to simply to choose to take their business elsewhere.

  • Thank you Mr. Arrington for providing such a powerful advertisement that wireless and broadband markets are both fully competitive and fully capable of fully satisfying even the most demanding tech consumers like yourself.




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