New Insightful Wallsten International Broadband Comparisons Report

July 9, 2009

Scott Wallsten of the Technology Policy Institute issued an informative and insightful report on the many international broadband measures out there; I recommend reading it if you are interested in the subject.

I particularly liked the new data on how broadband is used that shows that the U.S. has the highest:

  • Digital share of recorded music sales of surveyed OECD nations;
  • Sales of online films; and
  • Online TV and video revenue per head.

I liked these new measures because they begin to expand this discussion to how broadband is used and how people benefit from broadband rather than just a sterile and not very useful debate over broadband penetration.

  • Broadband is a means not an end.
  • What it enables is what is important.
Scott’s report does a very good job at showing the vast richness of different ways international broadband comparisons can be made. It adds a lot of value to the ongoing debate over where the U.S. stands internationally on broadband.



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